My 5.5″ (1/13th scale) Polecat Aerospace Mercury Redstone. It was built by my father and I in 2007, and I rediscovered it, sitting alone and sad in our shed in December 2012.

It features scale fins, electronics bay, a separate parachute + bridle for the capsule, and a 54mm motor mount. The preferred motor is an Aerotech J180T, since the flame color and takeoff speed is almost incidental to the real thing.

The 5.5″ 1/13th scale Mercury Redstone after being restored by me.


Upon moving houses in June 2013, I found the pieces we had picked out to make the escape tower for the Redstone. I then proceeded to finish the escape tower assembly.

It currently sits in the workshop, ready to fly.

The Mercury Redstone with assembled escape tower
The Mercury Redstone with assembled escape tower


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