Rx Testing Weekend and Homemade Test Stand

This week, my dad and I built a test stand for testing Rx motors. It’s made of 3/4″ and 1/2″ EMT Conduit and a few assorted bolts and rods. It’s adjustable for motors 38mm to 75mm, at any length. It can withstand 5000N (~1100 Lbs) of downward thrusting force without bending.


The test stand is based on Richard Nakka’s design. We currently don’t have any data acquisition equipment, but this test stand will be useful for static burning for the sake of reassurance.


This upcoming weekend, we will be testing two motors: a 6 Grain 38mm and a 6 Grain 54mm.

The 38mm is around a 65% J670, and the 54mm is an ~8% L890. Both utilize a stepped core geometry with┬ámy favorite “Soylent Green” propellant.


The 54mm L



The 38mm J1383094_10200856530711377_2056581232_n

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