“Color The Sky” – 75mm M Powered Crayon Bank

Recently I got this crazy dream in my head. HOW COOL¬†would it be to stuff the biggest motor possible in a Crayon?! The crayon banks are just a little too small to fit a 98mm motor case sadly. We’ll have to settle for 75mm. (or maybe a custom size EX motor? hmm…)

First off – the plan:

Capture3″ Blue tube runs throughout the entire rocket. It’s essentially a 3″ MD rocket with a crayon bolted to the outside. There are wooden runners bonded to the blue tube that add strength and serve as “centering” strakes. They will be sanded to the shape of the ID of the crayon.


The fincan is reinforced as if the rocket is minimum diameter. this includes large fillets and tip-to-tip. The bottom crayon is then slid over the tube from the front.


Aesthetics: You can make this crayon any colour you like. The first rendition will be pink because real men fly pink rockets! I will be doing 1 or 2 layers of 5.7oz 2/2 till CF over the fins for strength, and aesthetics. Carbon just looks really cool juxtapositioned with the cardboard crayon bank.



That’s all for now. Stay tuned!

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