From February 2014

Parachute for Guardian 54

I calculated the decent weight of my 54mm Minimum Diameter project, Guardian, to be about 4 pounds. I need to be able to fit a reasonably sized parachute inside the nose cone of the rocket, while still having a decently slow decent rate. I decided to make my own 24″ Hemispherical 8 gore parachute.

I started with 0.001″ Ripstop Nylon, cutting it to the template produced by SpaceCAD.

IMG_0552Here you can see six of the eight gores and the shroud line material.

I sewed the gores together on the sewing machine. It was a challenge to learn how to sew again, but I did okay. My dad helped with the first few hems but I did the rest of them after I felt comfortable.

IMG_0560My dad sewing two gores together.

After all the gores were hemmed together, the shroud lines were attached.

Here is the finished product: IMG_0626


All in all, the parachute took about 4 hours to complete. Pretty good for a strong, light, and small volume parachute.

The packing volume turned out to be 4.25″ by 1.5″-D. This fits perfectly in my design.

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